Weimar Bei Nacht

from Vile Bodies by Nico Fantasy



I have an incredibly affinity for Berlin. As a city, it is both a place of swirling mystery and something intimately familiar to me. It’s a city mostly rebuilt from the war that seemed inevitable to Evelyn Waugh when he wrote Vile Bodies, nine years before it occurred. When Waugh wrote Vile Bodies, Germany’s expressionist and avant-garde art scene burst with life by works from Jewish, queer, and communist writers, artists, performers, and composers. Though this period, known as the Weimar Republic, was seen of a period of political uncertainty and unrest; Berlin’s artistic community flourished in a way they perhaps never had.

The vast majority of these artists would flee the country, be sent to prison or deported, or were murdered in death camps.

One time I went to a gay bar in Schöneberg, a cool neighborhood in Berlin, alone, because I heard if you flashed your dick you’d get a free beer. It was Wednesday night and barely anyone was there, and no one flashed their dick at all. I had a beer and left.


from Vile Bodies, released October 14, 2018




Nico Fantasy Victoria, British Columbia

Nico Fantasy will continue making electronic music until ordered to stop by a judge.

“To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves--there lies the great, singular power of Nico Fantasy.” - Joan Didion...perhaps?

"[Nico] Packs a Huge Emotional Punch! Graceful Writing, Great Acting, Exquisite Direction, Suspense, Profound Subject Matter and It Rocks!" - Rex Reed
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